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Freelance content writing for EdTech Startups, E-Learning Institutions & Tech Bootcamps.

Hi, I'm Jaye. I'm a freelance content writer, strategist, and UX writer in-training.

I've been in content marketing for almost six years, including in-house roles at tech bootcamps CareerFoundry and Makers Academy. I've written for designers, developers, and career changers in almost every medium — from witty social captions to deep-dive tutorials. 


Over the years, I’ve seen first-hand how powerful education can be as a marketing tool. Good educational content builds trust, and helps your brand cut through the noise with an expert voice.


Wondering why your content is falling flat? It's time to stop talking *at* your users, and teaching them something instead. 


What I Do


From keyword research to SEO audits, I'll help you understand why you traffic is stagnating — and what you can do about it. 

Content Writing

I'll embellish your blog with original, authentic content that drives traffic, engages your audiences, and showcases your expertise. 


Is your copy as clear as it could be? I can refresh your website & brand collateral with copy that actually converts. 

Content Strategy

I'll help your team develop a tailored, thought-though content strategy that meets your users' needs and business goals. 

UX Writing

I'm currently working my way through a UX writing program, and will be adding UX writing & content design to my services very soon. Stay tuned! 

"It was a pleasure to work with Jaye! She understands the principles of web writing and is open to revisions you might have. She wrote several blog posts for us (descriptive and informative; the topic was programming languages). She's very good at research and really gets the principles of internal link-building."

Elena Nestoros, FrogPog Ltd.

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